Here is a gallery of some of my non-animation art, much of it created while I owned my animation company, One Eighty One Productions in New York City. Of course I loved designing, directing, producing, building, and animating, but it was refreshing (and still is) to just “make stuff” once in awhile that wasn’t meant to be animated. Always good practice to work with different materials, textures, color palettes, surfaces, and styles to communicate an idea! You can see that when left to my own devices,  I am often drawn to a sort of “punk craft / folk art” aesthetic, not unlike the “Art Brut” and “Outsider Art” styles and techniques discussed in the fine arts world.

Scrap Dog (close up)

“Scrap Dog Goes for a Swim” (close up)

Scrap Dog Goes for a Swim

“Scrap Dog Goes for a Swim” (heavy weight water color paper, aluminum tacks, paint stick, hot glue, glitter fabric, found objects)

Happy Girl (close up)

“Happy Girl” (close up)

Happy Girl

“Happy Girl” (left over sewn xerox scraps from “Paper Quilt”, safety pins, found objects, acrylic paint, fabric)

Fish TV

“Fish TV” (Super Sculpey, cardboard, acrylic paint, beads)

Fish Necklace

“Fish Necklace” (plastic fish lights, wire, rhinestones, beads, acrylic paint)

Woven Flowers

“Woven Flowers”                                                                                                                                                                                                              (black and white Kodalith photo printed with Kwik Print watercolor onto treated vinyl, cut up and re-woven, colored pencil)

Self Portrait with Feathers

“Self Portrait with Feathers” (black and white photos transferred to fabric, stickers, wood, acrylic paint)


“Peach” (small ink drawing and leaf photos enlarged via xerox, rubber stamp, stickers, acrylic paint, chalk, felt)


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